imageChichester Cathedral is well known for its desire to meld the ancient with the very new. This recent temporary exhibition is testament to that! When guiding in the Cathedral it is so interesting to listen to visitors comments about the modern pieces – both the permanent and the temporary. Some feel it is important to dislike the modern art in all its forms just because it is in a church and…. all things in churches should be old! Others feel unnerved by the pieces – they are just too difficult to understand. But whatever feelings they provoke in us, they get people talking! And that’s exactly what the Cathedral wants!

‘Connection’ hangs in The Baptistry – it is an extraordinary glass and light sculpture by the artist Galia Amsel. It hangs directly above the Cornish stone and copper of the font. Light and glass have always been the essence of our churches – light streaming through stained glass windows. This sculpture explores this theme through a contemporary lens using modern materials. An industrial duct brings the light down into the Baptistry with the ends looking  like fibre optic cables. These glass cables symbolise the ‘Connections’ in our world – communication being at the heart of our busy and complex lives. It is immaterial whether we ‘like’ it – it achieves what it has set out to do…..  to stimulate connections.