There has recently been an exhibition centred on street art at the Otter Gallery at the University of Chichester based on the experiences of two of the professors at the university: Hugo Frey and Dick Ellis. This is something that interests me a great deal. One of the things I most enjoy doing when visiting towns and cities in this country and abroad is to search out street art. I like to wonder how and why it has come about – yes of course a large element of this is pure fashion nowadays, but there is often an underlying message and it is possible to get to see a little of what life is really like beneath the outward gloss and glamour.

This exhibition was documenting the graffiti and street art in Athens, a city that is struggling with problems of political dissent, refugees, unemployment, inflation and police action. Rather than simply display copies of the photos they took, the art was shown as a series of three different projections in order to allow the viewer to interpret the art from different viewpoints : Street Politics, Political Art and Graffiti as Art. Obviously many of the pieces were featured in all three projections.

Later in the summer I will be conducting a tour of the Public and Street Art of Chichester! During the walk we will be considering the value of such art here in our own city and the impact or otherwise it has on the residents. There will be two walks – the dates and times are in the Calendar here on the website.