The Dukes of Richmond FlagA couple of years ago I took photos of the magnificent flag that graces the skyline of Goodwood House. I described how the flag depicted the history and titles of the Dukes of Richmond. Take another look at here. The post was called ‘His Grace’s Coat of Arms’ but in fact really all I showed was the flag – in other words just a small portion of the entire Coat of Arms. This omission was recently picked up by someone a lot more knowledgeable on the subject of heraldry than me. That’s the great thing about websites and online comments – there’s always someone who can jump in to help.


Here is the current Richmond Coat of Arms as created by Kenneth Maule who put it together pixel by pixel!
Duke of Richmond Coat of Arms

And here you can see just how accurate it is by comparing with the version entered in the College of Arms for our present Duke in 1990.
Duke of Richmond Coat of Arms

The Supporters on either side of the shield may only be borne by the holder of the title – that is His Grace, the 10th Duke of Richmond. That on the left – but which is described as Dexter (heraldic descriptions are given as though looking out from the Coat of Arms towards the viewer) is:
Dexter: An Unicorn Argent armed, crined and unglued Or
Sinister: An Antelope Argent attired and unguled Or
Both bear the Lennox rose on the collar.

Above the crown are the three crests. The mottoes are depicted in the Scottish fashion which is above the shield rather than below.

Central is the Richmond crest with Lennox collar and coronet. The Richmond motto: En la rose je fleurie Like the rose, I flourish.

Dexter is the Bull’s Head for Lennox  with the motto Avant Darnlie

Sinister is the stag with ducal coronet for Gordon. The motto Bydand means Steadfast

So many thanks to Kenneth for pushing me explain the full Coat of Arms.