imageThe North Transept of Chichester Cathedral is a bright open space set aside for temporary exhibitions. These are not necessarily Christian – but they always are spiritual and reflective. ‘Labyrinth’ – the latest exhibition is engaging and thought provoking. A willow screen and archway separates the space from the rest of the cathedral, so it feels as though you are stepping out of the hustle and bustle of ordinary life.

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol used all over the world to depict stories of journeys, encounters and transformations. They were commonly seen in ancient cathedrals – there is still one to be seen in Chartres, France dating from 1220. Perhaps the most well known is the Greek myth of Theseus overcoming the Minotaur in his skilfully devised labyrinth.

The idea of presenting a labyrinth in Chichester Cathedral is to encourage all to reflect upon their lives as a spiritual journey. The idea behind it, is its representation of winding paths where we let go of the busy preoccupations of daily life and have time to think about the things most important to us.

imageJust a quick reminder – Chichester Cathedral is open daily with free entry. The exhibition continues until the 23rd February.